Linking Data with Graph Databases & the Semantic Web

organisiert durch Zazuko GmbH

Statistisches Amt Kanton Zürich

Beginn: 12.02.2018

Ende: 13.02.2018

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  • Workshop content

    Data often resides in multiple, disconnected silos. This creates unnecessary duplication of data and hides valuable information. By using the W3C Resource Description Framework standard RDF, one can expose siloed data in a graph. RDF graph databases allow powerful interaction with the data by using the SPARQL graph query language.

    Swiss Data Alliance offers workshops for members and external companies conducted by Zazuko GmbH to learn about RDF, the Linked Data technology stack and its query language SPARQL. The workshop will take place at Statistik Kanton Zürich.

    In this two-day workshop participants learn about the motivation and features of the technology and what kind of problems can be addressed with it. It is compared to models like relational databases and NoSQL and explains how existing systems and their data can be integrated and exposed as a graph. Basic concepts of schema and ontologies are explained.

    In hands-on examples, participants will transform existing data to RDF and learn basic querying with SPARQL to reveal interesting facts in data sets. The training also provides an overview of both open source and commercial software solutions and shows how RDF integration in common programming languages looks like.

    Location & Price

    • Statistisches Amt Kanton Zürich, Schöntalstrasse 5, 8004 Zürich

    • Option 1: 12 & 13.2.2018 (Monday & Tuesday)

    • Option 2: 22 & 23.2.2018 (Thursday & Friday)

    • Time: 9:00 - 17:00

    • Price: 1’100 CHF for both days per person. Data + Service Alliance Members can get a 100% discount via Flex-Budget. Please use the DataServiceFlex discount code. Note that it will be validated via Data + Service Alliance upfront. If necessary we can also send you a bill, please contact for discount code & more information.

    To ensure interaction between participants & trainers we will not accept more than 20 participants per course.


    • A laptop with a modern web browser (Firefox, Chrome or Edge)

    • A text editor, preferably with SPARQL & Turtle Syntax highlighting. A good example is the free Visual Studio for Code Plugin from Stardog.


    Semantic Web

    • Resource Description Framework RDF
    • Basic concepts & serializations (Focus on Turtle & JSON-LD)
    • Multiple languages support
    • Linked Data concepts

    Schema and Ontologies

    • Basic concepts
    • Introduction to the most important schemas and ontologies


    • Introduction to the graph query language SPARQL
    • Advanced features (basics only)
    • Federation (querying decentralized data)
    • Text search (Solr & Lucene based search)
    • Geospatial search
    • Graph traversals


    • Integration of existing data sources
    • SQL based solutions with R2RML
    • CSV & Excel with CSV on the Web
    • XML & JSON
    • Proprietary solutions like SAP
    • Common programming languages
    • Overview & links to libraries
    • RDF Triplestores
    • Overview of both Open Source and commercial solutions
    • Scaling & performance considerations


Kurzbeschreibung des Events

In this two-day workshop you will learn the basics of connecting data silos based on the Semantic Web technology stack RDF and SPARQL.


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    Statistisches Amt Kanton Zürich Schöntalstrasse 5 8004 Zürich Schweiz
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