Brilliant Brains in Business: Powerful Brains, Plastic Brains and Creative Brains

hosted by Andy Habermacher

Theater Casino Zug

Thursday, 08 Nov 2012 18:30

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    Brilliant Brains in Business

    Powerful Brains, Plastic Brains and Creative Brains

    Brilliant Brains in Buiness is an event designed to bring the brain into the spotlight and apply this to corporate contexts. The evening is designed to inspire and engage international business people with fascinating input. This is then followed with grounding in the real world of business with a senior panel of business leaders looking at what really does happen in the business world and whether the input can be implemented and how indeed.

    Dr Nils jent is our guest of honour and his fascinting life story is an inspiration to all. Dr Nils Jent after a motor cycle accident at 18 was left blind and severely physically and mentally disabled. Despite this he completed his “Matura”, went to university and finished his doctorate. An amazing feet with his disabilities but his mind as the only fully functioning part of his body he learned to train to perform extraordinary feats - an amazing role model.

    He now works looking into integration of disabled persons in the business worlds. He believes, as we do, that disabled people can bring much more value than many think. This will highlight the case of brain plasticity; the ability of the brain to rewire and this will be tied into diverse thinking, powerful brains and creativity. Do businesses take advantage of this and can they tap into this power? Tthe panel of senior business leaders will be discussing this.

    You also have the opportunity to take part in an afternoon workshop with Nils Jent, Regula Dietsche and Andy Habermacher looking into the creative and plastic brain - see section "Afternoon Workshop".

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    Artherstrasse 2-4 6300 Zug Switzerland


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Event organiser: Andy Habermacher
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